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Seat Belt Strap Dog Car Leash

03-10-2017 by 4Paws

Do you tie your dog with it's leash when you take him/her for a ride in the car?  Does your dog like to put it's head out the window? Are you afraid your dog will escape when you open your car door or back?

If you say yes to any of these questions we might have the solution for you.  4 Paws Resort & Spa are now carrying the Seat Belt Leash which was created as a Safety feature to keep your little or big dog SAFE while driving in your car.  It works great with a harness (which is the safest combination for your dog as it pulls from the chest and not the the neck or trachea area) or attached to your dogs collar.

Features of the Seat Belt Strap Leash

  • Easy Plug in Seat Belt Connector on one end - fits most vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Snap Hook one the other end, hooks onto any d-ring on harnesses or collars
  • 1 inch wide heavy duty super strong non-fray woven polyester
  • Length adjustable from 13 inch to 23 1/2 inch long, allowing your dog the freedom to move as much as YOU want.


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